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Louna libraries user regulations
(valid since 1st jan 2014)

Louna libraries consist of the city library of Forssa and the municipal libraries of Humppila, Jokioinen, Tammela and Ypäjä. These user regulations apply to all Louna libraries. Familiarize yourself with the rules as you comply with them when obtaining a library card or agreeing to act as a guarantor for another person.

Library is open for everyone
With one library card you are free to use the services of all Louna libraries. You are welcome to come to the library to borrow items, to read newspapers, magazines and books, to study, to use the computers or to take part in various events. Our collections, equipment and expertise are at your disposal free of charge.

Let's improve the level of service together
If you have requests or remarks concerning our collections, services or operation, contact the library staff in person or via email. You can also send us feedback online.

Library card and PIN code

A library card can be obtained from any Louna library. The library card is issued to all who provide the information requested by the library, have an address in Finland and prove their identity with a valid ID card showing their photograph and personal identity number.

First library card free of charge
Customers under 15 years of age need a guardian as a guarantor who assumes responsibility for the items borrowed on the library card. Day care centers, schools and other institutions or communities can get a library card with the written consent of an adult acting as guarantor. The guarantor is responsible for the items borrowed with the library card of an institution or community.

For personal use only
The library card is for your personal use only, which means that you are solely responsible for its use and any items borrowed with it. In order to prevent the misuse of your library card you can ask that the employee in the lending services always checks the identity of the borrower. Lending by the automatic lending machine is protected with your PIN code. A staff member of an institution or community can use the institution's or community's library card with the consent of the guarantor of the institution or community.

Report a missing library card immediately
If you lose your library card, contact any Louna library immediately. This responsibility concerns the guarantor as well. You are not responsible for the items borrowed on the lost library card after you have informed that the library card is missing. A library card that has been reported lost will be removed from use. A new library card is subject to a charge.

Acquiring a PIN code
Along with the library card you will need a PIN code if you wish to renew your loans, make reservations online or use the lending machines or computers in the library. You can obtain a PIN code from any Louna library

Please keep your contact information up to date
You need to notify the library about changes in your name, address, phone number or email.

Customer register
You are entitled to check information recorded about you in the library's customer register. The guarantor of an institution or community is entitled to check information about the institution or community in question. The guarantor of a person under 15 years of age is entitled to get information about the guarantee's overdue loans and unpaid fees.
You will be shown the information in question when you prove your identity by presenting a valid ID card showing your photograph and personal identity number. 

The relationship between the library and the customer is confidential
Personal information of customers is recorded in the customer register of the Louna libraries. It is the responsibility of the library that the customer register is in accordance with the Personal Data Act. According to the Personal Data Act, tje library has the right to record the personal identity number of a customer into the register.

Borrowing, returning and renewing items

You can have up to 10 DVDs or Blu-rays, 20 CDs and 10 CD-ROM discs borrowed with your library card at the same time. Louna libraries follow the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) age ratings when loaning items to customers.

Loan periods
The most common loan period is 28 days

Exceptions to loan periods
DVD's, Blu-ray discs, VHS tapes, CD-ROM discs and magazines have a loan period of 14 days. Some of the items in our collections can only be used in the library. You may receive a due date reminder three (3) days before the due date if you have a functioning email address in the library's customer register and you have chosen email as the notification method. You can also receive the due date reminder as a text message if you subscribe to SMS alrets which are subject to a charge.

You can renew your loans five (5) times at the library, over the phone, via email or online in your record. It is not possible to renew loans if the item has been reserved or if you have lost the right to borrow. The overdue fee is debited even if failing to renew the loan is due to a break in the internet connection or some other technical problem. 

Retuning items
Borrowed items need to be returned by their due date at the latest. You can return items borrowed from any Louna library to any Louna library (except for short terms loans). During opening hours you can receive a receipt from returning items if you so wish.
If items are returned through the book return slot outside the opening hours, the library staff will mark items returned on the next possible opening day. Louna libraries are not responsible for the items returned through the book return slots.
Fines are applicable for late returns.

You will lose the right to borrow

  • if you have received a third reminder of items not returned by the due date (Forssa) or if you have received an invoice of items not returned by the due date (Humppila, Jokioinen, Tammela, Ypäjä)
  • if you fail to pay your fees when they have amounted to or exceeded 10 euro
  • if you have lost or damaged the items of the library

An exception to the above is a customer who has started the process of a loan arrangement and whose debt to the library belongs to the freezing of payments. In the case of a debt like this, the debtor may not be targeted by the loss of borrowing rights due to a delay in payment.

You will regain your borrowing rights

  • by returning items that are overdue
  • by compensating for lost or damaged items
  • by paying accumulated fees

Reserving items
You can reserve items in our online library, over the phone, via email or while visiting the library. You need your PIN code for reserving items online. You can obtain a PIN code from any Louna-library you visit.
Each reserved item costs 1 euro, which is paid when collecting the item. Items from the children and teen's section can be reserved free of charge.
When making the reservation you need to choose the preferred library from where you wish to collect your reservation. You will receive a notice concerning reservations ready for collecting by SMS, email or letter.
The library holds your reservation for seven (7) days after the notification has been sent. Items currently available in a given Louna library can be reserved free of charge over the phone if you collect it from said library.

Interlibrary loans
You can order an item as an interlibrary loan from another library in Finland or abroad if the item is not available in the collections of any Louna library. The service is subject to a charge. Contact your library if you wish to request an interlibrary loan.

Fees and reminders
A fee is debited for items you return or renew after the due date. Teh library sends three (3) overdue reminders: one week after the due date, three (3) weeks after the due date and five (5) weeks after the due date. If you fail to return items despite receiving the reminders, you will receive an invoice 7 weeks after the due date.
In addition to the amount on the invoice, you will need to pay all overdue and notification fees. Louna libraries use collection offices to collect outstanding payments. the essential fees debited at the library are specified in the appendix of the user regulations. They can be seen in the library or online

Lost or damaged items
You must compensate for lost or damaged items by payng a price which is charged according to the item's value in the library's database. If you wish to substitute the lost or damaged item, you will have to settle each case separately with the library. You cannot substitute a similar item for a video cassette, DVD, Blu-ray disc or console game due to copyright payments. If you fail to compensate for lost or damaged items, you lose the to borrow.
The library is not responsible for damages the recordings you have borrowed possibly have caused to your appliances.

Loss of user rights
The loss of user rights refers to a fixed term prohibition to use the library in cases when the customer acts disruptively towards the staff members or another customer despite forbiddance. The loss of user rights can last from one day to three (3) months. The library director or a staff member of the library authorized by the director can order the loss of user rights. Before the ordering to the loss of user rights the parties will be reserved the chance to be heard. In minor situations the prohibition regarding the loss of user rights will be ordered orally, otherwise it will be ordered in writing. the prohibition will be recorded in the customer register of the library and the record will be removed when the user rights are restored after a fixed term. 

The application and validity of the user regulations
These user regulations are applied at the city library in Forssa and the municipal libraries in Humppila, Jokioinen, Tammela and Ypäjä. These user regulations repeal the user regulations approved on 16 May 2011 and are valid until further notice.

Last modified: 15 Jan 2016